great music

Last week I was able to help out with a highschool youth group. Afterward, leaders and some of the students head to Buffalo Wild Wings to hang out.  We had so much fun.  Meeting news friends and sharing in laughs is all part of my experience in this new city, Reno, NV.  Friends, Ursula, Ashley and Dan shared many funny stories about their year of living together last year.  Dan said, at one point during our late-night snacking, that he had never seen Ursula “laugh [that] hard in a long time.” We were all in stitches just sharing stories.  One time Dan, Ursula and Ashley were moving this couch into the house from the back yard and Dan made a funny noise when the couch hit his hand.  The actual story wasn’t too funny, but Ursula, Ashley and Dan laughing about it had us all giggling.

At the end of all of these stories and laughter, I asked “why did you all have to stop living together.”

They replied, “the lease ran out.”

For some reason, this tickled me too.

I was asking all of them about good music that I should listen, for this crowd is into some really awesome artists.  That night I went home and bought a Red Umbrella album per their recommendation and it is SO GOOD.B000EQ47Q8

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