speech skills

There is this really cool group of high schoolers that I recently met!  It amazes me the cool lives that can be found in just one small group.  One young lady, Alice, is a homeschooler of many talents and interests.  She calls herself a “competitive pianist” and she has won many speech competitions, is an accomplished guitar and bass player and shes quite friendly too! Tonight I had to miss one of the high school groups weekly gatherings and Alice texted me to say she missed me there.  I asked her how the night went and if she helped lead the music. She replied “Yeah, it was super cool. I played bass when it was more picked up and keyboard in the slower parts. It was so much fun.”

“Wow, you described that so well, I feel like I was there,” I replied.

Modestly she replied “Haha, dunno. Probably the college level writing classes in fifth grade.”

I thought that was the FUNNIEST reply. Her innocent tone made it all the more ticklish to me.

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