the Dawson family

There exist few families that are quite as generous, as loving, as caring, as funny, as excitable and as special as the Dawson family.  They are so much fun and we have so much fun together! We can barely carry on one coherent conversation at family meals and “meetings.”  And have you ever been in a serious conversation where someone begins to cry?  In the Dawson family, as soon as Mrs. Dawson begins to cry, everyone laughs! hehe.  Even now, I giggle.  And everyone who is not a Dawson that is reading this thinks the Dawson’s are insensitive for laughing, but you’d get it once you’re family!

The cool thing is that EVERYONE has a chance to be family with the Dawsons.  That’s how welcoming they are.  You’re family when you are with them. And after that, you are always welcome into their family. I could write story upon story of all of the fun times with the Dawson family.  Every movie night they hold is filled with popcorn, cozy blankets and bodies filling up their giant, leather, reclining sofa! I walk down the basement stairs, they pause the movie and all yell “NO TALKING, JASPER!!” hah! As if I would talk during a movie?

The Dawson think I steal things from their home.  So whenever something goes missing I always get a phone call.  Many times, I have stolen the item for which they are looking. HOWEVER, they misplace many things that I have NOT taken and I just happen to be a ready scape goat.

Elizabeth Dawson, my bestest little Dawson bud, who introduced me to the whole family (she was my “in”) said “I can’t remember life without you, Jasper.”  She’s always saying nice things like that.  She’s about the size of my pinky and super kind and goofy and funny.  Below is a picture of Kathryn Dawson, the fashion queen and youngest Dawson, rockin’ out some sweet shades. The family was being silly, as always, while waiting to eat for my April 19th “birthday lunch” that actually happened on August 24th…for dinner.



One response

  1. Elizabeth

    excitable… good descriptive word 🙂

    September 23, 2009 at 3:47 am

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