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I am always thinking of things to eat and things to cook!  This past weekend I was able to prepare a few neat dishes because I was cooking for John Davis.  Cooking for others always helps inspire ideas and creates some pressure for making something nice or, at least, palatable.  John Davis is very complimentary so it seems I could prepare a dirt casserole and he would say “This is delicious!…really good flavor!…really great texture!…I love it!…How did you do this?!…what did you put in it?!”

I made stuffed shells and grilled asparagus with fresh tomatoes, fresh spinach and six different kinds of cheese! (Asiago, Parmesan, Mozzarella, Romano, Caprino, Smoked Provolone)

I made a fresh vegetable omelette with a spinach and olive tapenade and freshly cut fruit.  Also, I made blueberry pancakes. JD asked for a chocolate cake with whipped cream icing. My first attempt did not go so well but I will try again soon! The cake was nice, but the icing fell: I did not whip the heavy cream enough, so when I folded it with the buttercream, the whipped cream lost all volume.  Oh well!


The night I was making the cake, JD’s friends Tom and Tally Brand came to visit. They are very special friends of his and very fun!  I would not have been able to grill the sausage and whole grain buns (I keep getting these ideas about fresh tomatoes, fresh onions, chopped olives and dijon mustard on grilled sausage!) that I wanted to make for JD had Tom Brand not been there to man the grill.  Really, I was clueless with the grill and JD would have gone hungry but Tom saved the night! Here is a photo of Tom after his finding JD’s grill set.  The set included a chef’s hat. Baller.


Tom and Tally also helped straighten JD’s new clock.  This clock is one of the few items decorating his house, making it quite the small talk item.  Almost every one of JD’s visitors comments on the straightness or crookedness of the clock.  I try to not pay attention to the clock, leaving me with little opinion or awareness of its straigh/crooked status. Tally thought it hung a little to the left and Tom thought it looked level.  Tom hung the clock using a level when JD first moved in, so his opinion was a little less subjective than Tally’s.DSC_0006

The whole weekend, I thought of just a few of my favorite snacks.  Funny, two of my favorite people in the WORLD introduces me to my two favorite snacks.

1. Miss Bria Cook: lovely, gorgeous, blonde, and legs for days introduced me to DRIED CHERRIES!

2. Miss Kathrn Dawson: funny, saavy, cute, and fashion guru introduced me to EMERALD COCOA ROAST ALMONDS!

I wish that anyone reading this could have been there the day I tasted a dried cherry for the first time.  It was truly magical. My experience with dried cherries, still today, is cosmically magical.  If you have never tried a dried cherry, please go get some and have YOUR moment.  The flavor dances on your tongue and makes your heart and feet do a little jig. For the moment of bliss that a dried cherry is in your mouth, you’ll wonder why all tastes couldn’t explode and impress like this one. Not everyone likes dried cherries like I do, true, but one could always experiment. I’m convinced there is no other experience that quite captures joy in the way dried cherries.  Perhaps you could eat a dried cherry across from a mirror while watching your face illuminate with happiness.DSC_0062

I can not WAIT to get get some dried cherries and cocoa roast almonds today so that I may upload a photo. Beware, the photographs might make your mouth water!

2 responses

  1. Elizabeth

    1. I love asparagus
    2. I do not like cherries,therefore I am quite certain I would not like dried cherries
    3. It would be interesting to watch myself eat a dried cherry in front of a mirror, but my reaction would not be a pleasant one
    4. You should be a columnist for a newspaper or magazine

    September 23, 2009 at 3:51 am

  2. Bonnie

    I LOVE dried cherries! When I was little I used to make salads for my mom, and I always put dried cherries in them haha.

    October 4, 2009 at 2:10 am

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