Mr. Cook

I have very few people in life that have touched me as the Cook family has touched me.

Funny, I was just on the phone with Mrs. Cook yesterday while walking through the grocery store.  She came to mind because I am always looking for this seasoning she used once called “Seasoned Grill.”  Almost EVERY TIME I have gone into a grocery store for the last two years, I have thought “I really need to call Mrs. Cook so she can tell me where to find that seasoning again…”  Sadly, I do not call her each time she comes to mind but, wonderfully enough, I called her yesterday as soon as I thought of her!  Mostly I wanted her to tell me the brand name of the seasoning for which I’ve been searching in the past few years.  I also love that every conversation with Mrs. Cook is filled with wonderful advice, love and fun,  leaving you with an appetite for more. Well, yesterday was the day I finally called Mrs. Cook while on the spices aisle!  She thought it was funny that “someone thought of [her] when remembering something ‘good’ or even, ‘tasty’ when [she] cooked.”  Later I thought “I should have replied ‘but its your name.'”  Hehe.  Even now though, I realize that I should not have said it because it is not really that funny.  Or clever really.  Still, I’m giggling a little.

There is this picture that I would like to upload as an addition to this blog.  It’s a picture of Mr. Cook, Bria and me that Bria found.  I will ask her to send me a copy or scan it.  Bria is the daughter of Paul and Debby Cook and one of my best friends. She is really special and I talk with her about most things! She has introduced me to many cool people, foods, way of caring for and seeing others and most wonerful things that are in my life.  I have spent more time with Bria than with any other of the Cooks, but time spent with the Cook family is so flavorful!  I love them.

One of the things, among many important ones (like laughter), that I have in common with the Cook’s is my love for God. My goal is to LOVE God with all of my heart and soul.  Mr. Cook wrote the thoughts and desires that I find dancing in my head well into words.  The following is one  Mr. Cooks excerpts “On believing in God: Consider an analogy of God that has proven helpful for me:  Believing  in God is like standing at the seashore and looking toward the horizon. The water between the horizon and us is so immense that it defies even our imaginations. And in addition to what we can see, there is an invisible world beneath the surface brimming with life and full of mysteries.  Though we cannot comprehend it all, we can taste the sea and discover its saltiness. We can sense its power as the waves pound the beach. In spite of all that we cannot fathom about the ocean, we know we can trust its tides and waves; we can ride on its surface and enjoy it.  Similarly, we will never fully comprehend God. We can stand at the edge of God and discover things about Him.  It may be that what we can learn about God is comparable to a small cup of water drawn from an immense sea. Yet, we rejoice in our small revelations and discoveries of God, such as the knowledge that God is love.  We can trust Him and enjoy Him, much as we enjoy the sea…”

Don’t you wish EVERYONE knew the Cook’s?

One of my life goals is giving others the gift of meeting the Cook family.

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