new friends

After moving to Reno, NV, I met JD (John Matthew Davis)!!  He had just come out of a procedure at the hospital so the first three weeks of our friendship was shared in rooms 217 and 222 at Renown South Meadows hospital.  We watched Stepbrothers and shared many laughs, thereafter, quoting the movie.  We ate sushi and all-natural hot dogs from Freeman’s Natural Dogs …  We listened to Reggae music…LOTS of Reggae music.  There were hundreds of grody doves that congregated on one corner of the hospital’s roof that we could see from JD’s window and JD would only sing along to Bob Marley’s “Three Little Birds” if he could see his three little doves on the roof.

JD is hilarious and I am so very grateful to have met him.  JD won two paralympic gold medals for downhill monoskiing; one gold in the ’94 Lilliamer, Norway Olympic games and one gold in ’98 in Nagano, Japan.  JD told me about the movie “The Chariot Races” that he was in.  He commented that “all of [his] cool movies are available on VHS…” and “thats how [I] know [he’s] washed up, because none of [his] movies are on DVD.”

here is JD’s Coco-Cola commercial from the 90’s

I have one picture of JD in the hospital with his girlfriend Shauni and I will upload it soon! Unfortunately, I was not able to take any photos in that wonderful hospital room.  We sure did have fun there!

One response

  1. Bonnie

    You are meeting the coolest people!!

    October 4, 2009 at 2:08 am

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